Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What Is Reformed Theology?: An Introduction

     Though I was planning to start a series of posts today on the law/10 commandments and the gospel/evangelism.  I decided to put that on hold for a couple weeks.  The reason for this change is that I believe strongly that a Reformed understanding of our faith is a great alternative to what many evangelicals are experiencing in their local churches.  Furthermore, many in our sphere have simply never been adequately exposed to the theology of the Reformation and why it is important in our day.
     Before I go further, I want to point out the obvious fact that there is no perfect church out there.  Also that many churches with different hermeneutical (interpretational) persuasions do a wonderful job communicating the essential doctrines of the faith and also get the gospel message right.  Moreover, though I know we are to contend earnestly for the faith (e.g. Jude 3),  test carefully what we hear from those teaching in the name of God (e.g. Acts 17:11), not fail to make public what false teachers are teaching (e.g. Gal. 1:6-9) and identify who is teaching aberrant doctrine (e.g. 2 Tim. 2:16-18), God hates a lack of unity among believers that is un-biblical.  Even though my convictions are now Reformed, I did not begin my Christian life with this view and only came to a Reformed understanding as the result of God's providence, much investigation, constant study, and travail of soul over a period of many years . . . and this continues.  The Reformation spirit is one that desires to always be reforming in further conformity to the Word of God.     
     With that background in mind, I realize that many of you may also have heard that "Calvinism" is just short of evil, but have never actually read John Calvin's writings or know where the 5 points of Calvinism even come from?  If so, this series on Reformed Theology from Dr. R. C. Sproul should answer these questions for you and add wonderful knowledge to your faith.  You will be challenged and encouraged to do further study as well.
     In this first video in the series on Reformed Theology from Ligonier Ministries, R. C. begins with the defining characteristic of Reformed Theology:  that Reformed Theology is God-centered . . . that the Bible's main character is God, salvation comes through His Son alone, and is by His mighty working.  Though this emphasis on God in church ministries may sound like a no-brainer, consider the current evangelical church's largely man-centered crisis!  Seeker-senstive, purpose-driven, post-modern emergent, etc. etc. ministries all have one thing in common . . . they begin with man and then might attempt to move to God.  The current evangelical scene often portrays God as part of our story, but Reformed Theology clearly teach that Jesus Christ is the story and we are made a part of His church by grace!
     These video's by R. C. are short (20-25 minutes) and well worth our time.  I think that as you follow along, you will find Reformed Theology biblically honoring, historically solid, and best of all Christ-centered to the core!  Charles Spurgeon once called Reformed Theology, "The gospel of Jesus Christ."

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