Friday, March 11, 2011

What is the Gospel? Fridays

     Here is an excellent article entitled The Bible's Answer to the Question:  What is a Christian? by pastor Wayne Mack on monergism. com.  Self-evaluation (i.e. am I trusting in Christ), church-evaluation (i.e. is my church teaching the gospel), and evangelism-evaluation (i.e. how am I presenting the gospel)) are encouraged as we read.  When we consider this most important of topics, are we seeing things according to the Scripture?
     There are many ways to miss the gospel, but in essence it comes down to whom we trust.  I love the section in this article about ultimately being before God (as we all will soon be) and giving an account of why He should allow us into His heavenly bliss for eternity.  In that day are we prepared to reason with Him about our own goodness, works, etc.?  Or are we going to throw ourselves wholly upon His mercy given in His Son?  The answer to this crucial question must occur on this side of the judgment.  Sadly, many will name their efforts before God's tribunal in that day as they are this day.  Let us habitually flee to Christ for mercy and grace in our time of need today and everyday.  This will prepare us for that day!

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