Sunday, April 17, 2011

Have You Done Enough? Christ Has!

     In this brief article by pastor Jim Savastio, he reminds us that we can never do enough to warrant God's favor.  But Christ always obeyed the Father and His active obedience has been imputed to all who are in Him!  Christ's record is what has earned us the favor of God, and He grants His grace to us through faith in Christ alone.  The salvation of God in Christ is much more than the forgiveness of our sins earned by Christ at Calvary, it is also the gift of Christ's perfect righteousness credited to us!  A Christian brother reminded me of this staggering truth recently and it was timely . . . so I thought I would remind you.  The truth of the gospel is that if we are looking to do more for the glory of God (and we should be), the grace of God in Christ must be the fuel.

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