Friday, April 15, 2011

What is the Gospel? Fridays: Use of Law and Gospel in Evangelism

"Let the power of the law first break and bruise, which is a necessary preparative for the plantation of grace: and then pour in (and spare not) the most precious oil of the sweetest Evangelical comfort."  Samuel Bolton

"The sharp point of the law must prick the conscience, before the creature by the promises of the Gospel be drawn to Christ.  The field is not fit for the seed to be cast into it, till the plough hath broken it up; nor is the soul prepared to receive the mercy of the Gospel, till broken with the terrors of the law."
William Gurnal

"The conscience is not to be healed, if it be not wounded."
     Way of the Master recently posted a good illustrated video on the use of God's law in evangelism.  Is it just me or does it seem there are an abundance of self-sufficient 'Mr./Mrs./Ms. Nice Guys' out there?  Without the proper use of God's law there cannot be a right understanding of sin.  Without a right understanding of sin, there can be no salvation.  All those 'nice' people out there need to be convinced by God's moral law that they are transgressors according to that law, alienated from God, without strength, and under the just condemnation of their Creator.  When the Spirit applies God's law with the conviction of sin, 'Mr. Nice Guy' is ready for the good news of Jesus Christ . . . but not before.  The good news lies in our Savior's vicarious obedience to the same law in both it's rigor and penalty.  Christ's perfect conformity to the law of God in His sinless life and His perfect sacrifice for sin at Calvary are precious to all who cry under the burden of the law, "God have mercy on me a sinner."

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